A new way
to Fund your favorite tech

Build a portfolio of innovative products, assist in their development, and realize profit come launch

How it works

A business launches a new innovation with an IPO of product shares

Funders review relevant product details and purchase shares

Product development begins and funder input is obtained via sub-markets  

The product’s share price adjusts during development in Ampla’s secondary market

Come product launch, funders are paid out with revenue from retail sales

Who is Ampla for?

Tech enthusiasts

Want to help build

new tech?

We want to offer our users some of the most innovative and unique tech devices available, from growing businesses to established brands. New tech is what drives society forward and we want to be the platform that connects these businesses to their supporters.

In order to do so we built a one of a kind platform that puts power in the hands of consumers, giving you unparalleled insights and involvement in a product’s journey to market.

Want to have

exclusive product insights?

With Ampla, be the first to hear about the next big innovation before it’s even made.

As a product owner, you have the inside scoop. Get unrivaled insights and even input when it comes to design, feature, and functionality developments in your portfolio products.

tech investors

Want to diversify

your income?

As a product-trading platform with a robust secondary market, Ampla allows users to generate income from price changes in new tech creations.

We bring tech gadgets to consumers the same way a company offers its shares to the world. We did this by creating a system that allows users to buy and trade new products via digital shares of ownership.

Get all the easy-to-digest data and insights you need to make profitable trades

Other assets just not cutting it?

We know investing can seem intimidating. Financial markets and their investment instruments are difficult to grasp while new age digital assets like crypto and NFTs are known to be volatile.

We have the alternative asset you have been looking for and your new favorite side hustle. Unlike other investment options, with Ampla you get to trade in the everyday products you know and love.

straightforward trading

You use tech everyday, you know what is truly valuable and what isn’t. But nonetheless, we are here to make that as clear as day.

tangible value

The price of new tech on Ampla is tied to the underlying product. Real, tangible underlying value, and less speculation.




About us

We are here to revolutionize the tech innovation ecosystem. We aim to do so by introducing an entirely new financing model that best serves both founders and funders. Our system allows small businesses to raise much needed early capital without giving up equity or issuing debt, yet, still providing monetary incentives for investors.

Our mission is to create an open digital platform that gives our users unparalleled insights, transparency, and involvement in the process of getting products to people.

Our vision is to bring the same active participation in equity markets, to product markets.

We see active participation as having a few key components: accessibility of insights, price and process transparency, and an involvement in not only the market itself, but also business operation.

These market dynamics are at the foundation of what Ampla aims to bring to consumer tech products, fusing the worlds of asset markets and product markets, and bringing a whole new meaning to tech investing.

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