A better way
to innovate

Co-create with customers, test product alternatives quickly, obtain unique customer insights

How it works

Launch a product on Ampla and provide users a portfolio of digital money

Users buy stocks tied to various design, feature, or functionality alternatives for the product

Stockholders trade alternatives to determine the highest value options

Users aim to maximize their product’s value by predicting demand and viability of alternatives

You receive critical customer insights to help make data-backed development decisions

Users are ranked and paid out based on final product value

What can Ampla help with?

customer engagement

Where customers

can engage and interact

Build a community of active and enthusiastic supporters for your new products launches.

From a trading chat to development updates, your users remain immersed in your product even when they’re not trading.

Create trailblazing products

with your customers

Ampla allows your customers to build the products they actually want, digitally.

They buy and trade alternatives with the goal of creating the most valuable version of your innovation, with value being determined by the customers themselves.

Market research

Low cost, high value

customer insights

Get high value-add customer preference data from Ampla’s trading statistics.

Our contrest-style solution gives you control over how much you spend.

Ampla allows you to pre-screen even more ideas, while maintaining both quality and efficiency in responses



Efficient data acquisition

Market preference is reflected in the actively changing price of each stock allowing customers to quickly come to a consensus on the top alternatives. 

Research has shown that data can be acquired in as little as 40-50 mins of trading.

customer input

Unlike traditional methods with Ampla participants’ payouts depend on their ability to predict their peers’ wants and needs, not just provide their own individual preferences.

and engaging

Research has shown 87.5% of a test group prefer trading stocks to provide input over traditional surveys. More engagement allows for better input and improved brand equity.




About us

Our belief is that the “voice of the customer” is the single greatest contributor to new product success. Yet, current customer research solutions require extensive time and capital in exchange for either individualized or inconclusive data. Ampla allows your customers to build the most valuable version of a product for you, giving you critical market insights to create more customer focused innovations.

Our mission is to build an open digital platform that gives your customers unparalleled insights, transparency, and involvement in the product development process.

Our goal is to create an environment of fast, customer focused innovation in consumer electronics

Ampla’s open-innovation platform gives users the ability to engage with your brand and provide the necessary market insights to help you make data-backed development decisions.

Providing access to both efficient and reliable customer preference data can ensure strong commercial success in a remarkably fast-moving sector.

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